TN-ITS, DFRS and NAPCORE were among the many initiatives showcased at the Congress 2023, where innovation and user-oriented smart mobility solutions were the focal point. In one of the breakout sessions, TN-ITS was presented as a success story of authoritative data sharing for enhanced safety and traffic performance.

On 4 October, dozens of private entities, disruptive initiatives, three regions and four cities were featured at the ITS Belgium Congress 2023, the largest smart mobility event in the country. Distinguished Belgian, Dutch, and other public and private sector representatives convened at the BluePoint Building in Brussels to discuss the hurdles and solutions to enhancing the country’s mobility.

Boosting the end-user experience at the centre of the debate 

The sector is already meeting head-on many of the challenges it faces, particularly in terms of sustainability. A number of policies, projects, and other initiatives have been put in place to promote decarbonisation, and the focus has turned to electrification. However, to reach the European Union’s ambitious goal to achieve climate neutrality, there is a need to reduce the pollutant materials in electric vehicle batteries and to push even further towards zero emissions. Other pressing challenges addressed during the day were innovation for the seamless integration of automated mobility, multimodality as the only viable and efficient solution for rapidly growing cities, and safety as a priority for institutions.

ITS.Belgium Congress 2023 during the opening ceremony

These discussions revolved around a common denominator: the end-user. The main objective is to streamline shared mobility, the parking experience, and the payment methods, among others, to create a network that caters to their needs, ensuring accessibility, inclusivity, safety, and climate neutrality. The solutions, presented at the local, regional, and national levels, aimed to inspire change throughout Belgium and the rest of Europe. Our projects and platforms are committed to tackling these issues.

Data-driven solutions for road safety and efficiency: DFRS and TN-ITS in the spotlight 

The TN-ITS and DFRS platforms and the NAPCORE project were invited by the Flemish Government – a pivotal partner of ITS Belgium and ERTICO – to take part in the Congress.

TN-ITS, NAPCORE and DFRS at the ITS.Be Congress’ Exhibition Area

Many challenges raised during the day can leverage the large amount of data generated around mobility, either from the infrastructure, the vehicles, or the users themselves. The TN-ITS multistakeholder platform is an excellent example of how data exchange can save lives and make trips more efficient. Through its data chain mechanism, road data attributes like speed limits or changes in traffic signs are shared from the road authorities to mapmakers and service providers to supply the drivers with up-to-date, accurate information. The Flemish Government, awarded ‘Best TN-ITS service’ in 2022, acted as TN-ITS ambassador during one of the Congress break-out sessions along with HERE Technologies, the leading map-making company, and a key TN-ITS member. During their presentation, both entities exemplified the potential of public-private collaboration in sharing data, inspiring other Belgian regions to exchange authoritative information.

“TN-ITS exemplifies the power of data exchange and the role of authoritative data to enhance road safety and efficiency. By sharing the Flemish traffic sign data, we’re contributing to saving lives and paving the way for a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future in mobility”, states Nele Denene, project engineer at the Flemish Government.