ERTICO is pleased to announce that Instituto de Telecomunicaçõesv (IT) has joined its Partnership. IT is a not-for-profit organisation of public interest, resulting from a partnership of seven public Portuguese universities and two private companies. IT assumes its role as an international reference R&D institution in the broad field of telecommunications, envisaging its state-of-the-art advancement through interdisciplinary cooperation.

IT has over 200 PhD-holding integrated researchers and annually hosts 450 PhD and MSc students in seven locations in Portugal. IT has five thematic R&D areas: Wireless technologies; Optics and photonics; Information and data sciences; Networks and services; Basic sciences and enabling technologies. The scientific research conducted in these thematic lines support the participation of IT in the framework of national and international projects and contracts carried out in close cooperation with other R&D institutions, private companies, and public organizations from many different activity sectors worldwide.

The ERTICO Partnership bridges the gaps between stakeholders across the ITS community to help make mobility safer, more efficient and sustainable. Together, we lead the digital transformation of transport through the development of cutting-edge technologies, new services and innovative mobility solutions to move people and goods in smarter ways. Our Partners share the joint mission to actively promote sustainable collaborative relations with EU institutions and policymakers by connecting local and regional transport organisations with national authorities.

We are delighted to welcome our new member, Instituto de Telecomunicações. This is a venture that aligns seamlessly with ERTICO’s vision to advance innovative solutions in smart mobility and their profound knowledge in the telecoms industry will mutually reinforce the mission to drive research, innovation and facilitate deployment of new technologies. We look forward to cultivating synergies, expand on each other’s expertise and drive transformative progress together,” says Joost Vantomme, CEO of ERTICO.

ERTICO Partnership is considered by IT a strategic and key venture with the potential to consolidate its societal mission and expand its activities in the area of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). In this respect, IT will contribute to scientific and technological developments in its competence areas. IT is looking forward to reaching out and partnering with other institutions and companies within those sectors, to cooperatively develop and validate scientific and technological breakthroughs. IT has a solid track record in addressing community goals and needs, positioning itself as a firm contributor to national and international public policies. Being a member of the ERTICO Partnership is a key part of this strategy.

“ERTICO Partnership is considered a major venture with the potential to dramatically extend IT activities directed to the automotive and mobility sectors in the EU. With the focus on telecommunications and its enabling technologies and leveraging the collaborative work with research centres and companies all over the world, IT looks forward to contributing to fulfil the institutional and societal challenges of the ERTICO Partnership”, says José Carlos Pedro, President, Instituto de Telecomunicações.

Joining the ERTICO Partnership is an important way to connect the dots between different sectors across our complex ecosystem. The Partnership enables close collaboration between stakeholders by coordinating the planning and deployment of intelligent transport systems and smart mobility solutions in Europe and beyond.

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