On 14 and 15 November 2018 the European ITS Platform organizes its bi-annual European conference on traffic management, the ITS Forum 2018. The main theme of the Forum is “Traffic Management in a changing world: Digitalization, Multimodality, Smart Infrastructures”. The venue of the ITS Forum 2018 is the LEF Future Centre at the headquarters of Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The conference targets (among others) road authorities, motorways operators, ITS consultants and ITS systems and service providers.

Why this event is important?

“Traffic Management in a changing world – Digitalization, Multimodality, Smart Infrastructures” is not only the main theme of the Forum, it also reflects a number of objectives of the European ITS Platform and European road operators/authorities. First of all, the Forum will focus on Traffic Management and its current challenges. The European ITS Platform and CEF ITS corridors are grounded on experiences and contributions from road authorities and road operators, which have a 24/7 task to manage the traffic on their road network. Traffic management is the key measure assumed by road operators to improve the quality of services delivered to users: improve safety, reduce congestion, provide traffic information. Secondly, the Forum will look at proven and emerging technologies which will have an impact on traffic management. On the one hand traffic management will benefit from new technologies and trends (e.g. floating car data, on-board systems, AI, …), on the other hand new technologies (e.g. C-ITS, automated driving, …) will result in new requirements for road operators. Thirdly, traditional ITS services will increasingly be complemented by C-ITS and other new technologies, allowing new services and opportunities for European Citizens.

Last but not least, the new technologies can also lead to new business models. Road operators/authorities will have to handle these changes in their environment, such as a shift from public to private services, from systems to services, from ownership to sharing economy, etc.


The 2-day forum is organized by the EU ITS Platform, in cooperation with the European Commission as well as the European ITS corridor projects Arc Atlantique, Crocodile, MedTIS, Next-ITS and Ursa Major Neo. In total, 24 Member States are involved in the ITS corridors and the European ITS Platform.

The hosting facility, LEF future centre, offers a wide variety of diverse working environments and professional guidance. A session at LEF is like nothing else you have experienced before. This results in new ideas and insights which will be concrete and geared towards producing results. This way of working guarantees a low threshold environment from which both experts and newcomers can benefit.  More information on the LEF future centre can be found here.

For whom?

The ITS Forum 2018 invites all:

  • European policy makers in the field of transport
  • Road Authority/Public Motorway Operator
  • Private Motorway Operators
  • Urban Road Operators
  • ITS System Providers for Traffic Management
  • ITS System Providers for Traffic Information
  • Traffic Information Service Providers
  • Representatives of the automotive Industry
  • Experts in C-ITS Development
  • International Stakeholder Organisations (not covered by the domains above)
  • Consultants
  • Researchers

Click here to view the agenda and here for registrations.