About the “ITS Hungary Excellence Award”

Aim of the “ITS Hungary Excellence Award” founded by the ITS Hungary Association in 2007 is to award the most excellent project, which is innovative, resulting in significant profit to the national economy, presenting new solutions and realised by the members of the Association in the field of intelligent transport systems and services.

The “ITS Hungary Excellence Award 2013” was announced in the first days of October. Successful technology, system architecture R+D projects completed in 2012 or in 2013 until 30 September could be submitted. Five projects were submitted for the “ITS Hungary Excellence Award 2013”. According to the decision of the Evaluation Committee the winner of the “ITS Hungary Excellence Award” in 2013 is Hungarian Public Road Non-profit Pte Ltd Co., title of the winner project: “Improvement of the national traffic information centre (TIC) – Organising the individual traffic control and management equipment into network by improvement of the existing UTINFORM, to be the national, real-time traffic information centre”.

Mr Lajos Szűcs, President of ITS Hungary Association handed the “ITS Hungary Excellence 2013 Plaque” and the “ITS Hungary Excellence 2013 Diploma” to Ms Ibolya Bali, Head of Road User Service at Hungarian Public Road Non-profit Pte Ltd Co at the year-end event of the ITS Hungary Association on 2nd December 2013.

 In addition to the plaque and the diploma prize, ITS Hungary Association assumes the registration fee of one colleague of the winner organisation for the “10th ITS European Congress” to be held on 16-19 June 2014 in Helsinki, Finland.

Short overview on the winner project

Hungarian road users get more reliable on-line traffic event information. A unified network based on previous isolated system elements has provided a proper base for on-line data services.

A road traffic Dataportal has been deployed recently in Hungary that is an IT system containing on-line road traffic information. Certain data related to actual road condition and traffic events (especially location, time and characteristics of accidents, dangerous situations, road closures) are accessible free of charge in order to enhance traffic flow and safety. An efficient road user information system is based on data acquisition, processing and dissemination by a central road traffic information system providing reliable on-line data describing the actual traffic situation. Such a system ensures the fulfilment of EU required aims like increased traffic safety, decreased traffic jams and environmental effects besides that enhancement of traffic moral.

A real-time data centre has been deployed as well that is a system collecting, processing and publishing pre-trip and on trip information. Collected reliable information is used for editing traffic-related news and their publication. All information is placed into the Dataportal where other ITS service providers can access and use it based on the business model developed as part of thy system. Data exchange is possible applying the DATEX II standardized European protocol for collecting and disseminating information at national level as well as for implementing international or cross-border on-line traffic information services.