ITS Ireland Members Event Invitation- European Space Expo

ITS Ireland will be holding a special event for its Members on Thursday 6th June at 20:00. 

The event takes place during the 9th ITS European Congress which is taking place in Dublin from 4-7 June. 

Details of the event are included below, but please note that tickets must be reserved in advance no later than May 30th and claimed by the relevant ITS Ireland member organisation/individual.


The European Space Expo will visit Trinity College Dublin in June 2013. This is a spectacular travelling exhibit that shows how space and its applications provide benefits to Europe. The Space Expo highlights the critical role of space and space-based technologies to Europe. In Ireland, there is an active space science and astronomy research community who have worked with the European Space Agency for many decades. What’s more, there are now over 40 Irish companies working with ESA on everything from telecommunications, to materials, to remote sensing of our oceans.

In recognition of the role that space based technologies are contributing to transport solutions and coinciding with hosting the 9th European ITS Congress, ITS Ireland are delighted to announce that we are hosting an event exclusive to ITS Ireland members and guests on the evening of Thursday 6th June at 20:00 until 11:00 and you are cordially invited.

Refreshments and nibbles will be provided along with technical and musical entertainment. This event provides an excellent opportunity for all ITS Ireland members to meet and network in a unique venue. 

This event is free to all fully paid up Corporate, Government/Non Profit and Individual members. Corporate, Government/Non Profit members are entitled to 3 tickets while Individual members are entitled to 1 free ticket. Please email us at with a main contact name and email address to reserve your tickets. Tickets will be available for pick up at the ITS Ireland Stand during the ITS European Congress, if this proves difficult please email us to request an alternative arrangement.