The VRUITS project has assessed the societal impact of various ITS applications, and has piloted innovative ITS applications in the Netherlands and in Spain. Now the project is organising the workshop to discuss  “which actions should be taken regarding ITS to improve safety and mobility of VRUs”.

Starting from the results of the assessments and the pilots, the project will make recommendations for policy and industry regarding ITS in order to improve the safety and mobility of VRUs.

The project invites experts in the field of ITS and representatives of authorities to participate in the workshop to discuss the possible actions and recommendations in order to select the most appropriate measures which improve safety and mobility of VRUs.

It will be held on 1 December 2015 at POLIS in Brussels, back-to-back with a workshop on cooperative ITS in cities organised jointly by the CODECS and CIMEC projects.

More information and registration at the VRUITS website: