DRIVE C2X organized a session with the title “Field operational tests as enabler for cooperative mobility in Europe?”. It was held at the 18th ITS World Congress in Orlando on the October 19th, 2011.

With approximately 50 participants, the Special Session was a great success. The speakers discussed various approaches and aspects deploying C2X technologies in Europe. The representatives of OEMs, standardization organizations, road operators and supporting initiatives focussed on business aspects like the calculation of a European-wide deployment of C2X.
Please find more information from the ITS Webprogram and download the slides from publications.

Additionally to the Special Session, members of the DRIVE C2X consortium spoke at the following sessions:

Matthias Schulze spoke at the FOT-Net session named “FOT: moving ahead towards ITS deployment”
more info  Maxime Flament was selected speaker for the Special Session about “Vehicle-IT Convergence for the Fully Networked Car”
more info Long Le and Maxime Flament represented DRIVE C2X at the technical session “V2V Communication: Evaluation and Assessment“
more info

The results and experience derived from DRIVE C2X were also used in the two papers:

“Using EuroFOT Operational Experience in DRIVE C2X” “Starting European Field Tests for CAR-2-X Communication: The DRIVE C2X Framework”
download via publications

Aside from the 18th ITS World Congress, DRIVE C2X discussed the next steps of its collaboration with EASYWAY. In the future, the project will investigate the business potential for various actors, such as road operators, OEMs and suppliers in the C2X value chain.


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