Following the completion of a focus group on driver distraction, the International Telecommunications Union’s Telecommunications Standardization Sector (ITU-T) has released a liaison statement detailing the reports and deliverables that were produced, and explaining how related work will continue within the ITU-T.  

You may download the statement here: ITU-T Focus Group- Liaison Statement

As the statement highlights, this is really just the beginning of ITU-T activities related to driver distraction and workload. Future work will be addressed within the formal ITU-T structure as follows:

• Work on draft new ITU-T Recommendation P.UIA (User Interface requirements for Automotive applications) will continue in Question 4 (Hands-free communication and user interfaces in vehicles) of Study Group 12 (Performance, QoS and QoE)
• Work on draft new ITU-T Recommendations G.SAM (Mechanisms for managing the situational awareness of drivers) and G.V2A (Communications interface between external applications and a Vehicle Gateway Platform) will continue in Question 27 (Vehicle gateway platform for telecommunication/ITS services/applications) of Study Group 16 (Multimedia)
• New work items related to driver distraction will be considered in Question 4 of Study Group 12; those requiring external co-ordination/collaboration may also be taken to the Collaboration on ITS Communications ( or directly to an individual organization.