From 18 to 20 June, public authorities, energy agencies, industry associations, businesses and civil society organisations will gather in Brussels for the 2019 European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), a three-day policy conference dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe.

The conference will feature a wide variety of sessions, organised by the European Commission and energy stakeholders, among which ERTICO – ITS Europe, who is co-organising the session “Transport, energy and digitalisation – City and industry views” together with EUROCITIES, ORGALIM and UNIDO.

Don’t miss this session on Wednesday 19 June 14.00 – 15.30!

Discussions will feature cross-sectoral expertise and interconnections related to energy, transport and digital policies and technologies, and address the synergies between the transport, energy and digital sectors related to achieving the sustainable energy policy goals.

The aim of this session is to enhance the value of actions and cross-sectoral work programmes at all levels, in order to optimise the costs and effectiveness of implementation in Europe and globally.

The session will showcase the innovation capacity and wider benefits of different technology solutions and trends, supporting the European leadership in turning global decarbonisation challenges into opportunities for all. It will also highlight how best practices from Europe could be learnt and extrapolated to industrializing countries.

European cities and industry, with their knowhow, technological advancement and expertise will share their valuable insights on what is needed to ensure that the digital development benefits are fully deployed and spread across the globe inclusively. Representatives from an international and developing nation perspective will also highlight the challenges they face in tapping into the digital development benefits and offer solutions on how to overcome it.

Don’t miss this opportunity, find out more about the TRANSPORT, ENERGY AND DIGITALISATION – CITY AND INDUSTRY VIEWS session here.

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