Europe’s leading intelligent transport systems (ITS) players have joined forces to deliver ground-breaking training and educational courses based on the mass Online Open Course model. Courses started on 17 April on the ITS e-learning online training platform.

Registration on the online training platform is open and free and participants will have the chance to learn about ITS and cooperative ITS (C-ITS) services and experience these cutting-edge technologies first-hand, thanks to face-to-face training sessions with experts in the field. Online training will be supported by live demonstrations held across Europe.

Experienced ITS professionals, including ERTICO’s Pr. Eric Sampson, Dr. Simon Edwards from the University of Newcastle, AustriaTech’s Mobility Manager Katharina Zwick, and Monica Giannini, Senior Manager at the International Road Transport Union, will guide students and provide expert advice throughout the courses.

The online training programme consists of nine modules covering various aspects of ITS and caters to all levels. Course topics include Introduction to ITS, Impacts of ITS, Financial Incentives and Business Models, Data Protection and Guidance on deployment of C-ITS. Flexible course organisation lets participants engage with the material at their own pace, making it accessible to professionals in academia, public authorities, traffic management, industry, or infrastructure operators.

A key European project to support e-learning in Intelligent Transport Systems

“We believe it is very important that the ERTICO – ITS partnership is managing the ITS learning platform, because we have long been asking for a coordinated and harmonised approach to education and learning on ITS and C-ITS” says Lina Konstantinopoulou, Head of Transport & Logistics at ERTICO –ITS Europe.

The platform and courses have been developed by a consortium of ITS experts and professionals under the banner of the EU-funded project “CAPITAL”. The Collaborative cApacity Programme on Intelligent Transport Systems Training-educAtion and Liaison (CAPITAL) is a support action funded by the European Union in order to design and deliver a collaborative capacity-building programme.

The main objective of the CAPITAL project is to create a collaborative capacity building community and deployment programme to support public and private stakeholders implementing cooperative and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS & C-ITS) with training and educational resources, while also raising awareness of the services and benefits available.

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