Since early 2023, the Spanish subsidiary of Kapsch TrafficCom has been tasked with the management of the city’s traffic information and control systems of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The goal of the project is to ensure reliable and safe mobility in the Basque city. The contract is valued at EUR 4 million and will be executed over a period of four years.

“We are proud to support the city in its mission to ensure safe mobility for its citizens,” says Javier Aguirre, CEO of the Spanish organization. “To enable sustainable and safe traffic for the future, the digitization of traffic management is a crucial lever for authorities.”

The contract includes the installation, operation, and maintenance of software and hardware components of the traffic management systems. A key aspect is also the efficient use and processing of data collected by various traffic measuring devices, cameras, and other sources for monitoring traffic conditions. This data is used for diagnostics and providing information about urban services and mobility, both internally and through radio, web, and social networks.

The contract also includes the maintenance and operation of the latest control elements, such as a traffic light priority system or a modern tram priority system, which contributes to greater reliability and faster frequency of public transport.

With one-stop-shop solutions, the company covers the entire value chain of customers, from components to design and implementation to the operation of systems.

Source: Kapsch TrafficCom manages mobility in Spanish city