SPICE, the EU funded project on public procurements for sustainable transport and mobility projects in Europe, has come to its end in August 2018.

At the ITS World congress in Copenhagen, the SPICE team presented key findings and demonstrated the use of online tools created during the project. SPICE reports and materials (also links to webinar recordings) can be found at our website: www.spice-project.eu.

For more in depth information, users can have a look and widely use the SPICE White paper by clicking here, which is a comprehensive slide deck containing all the main recommendations and findings of the project. It is very well suitable for the in-house trainings of procurement units. In addition, together with CAPITAL project, the SPICE team produced three online courses touching the legal aspects of procurement of innovations and giving tips for successful common procurements: https://www.its-elearning.eu/courses/course-v1:Capital+ITS010+2018_T1/.

The SPICE team wishes to thank you for taking this journey and wishes you good luck with your procurements!