With SHOW’s pilot sites up and running, the project partners are keen to share their expertise and knowledge gained to promote a novel framework for automated urban mobility. Two of the project’s recent initiatives underpin this goal: SHOW has launched an online course through the ERTICO Academy training platform on automated mobility; it has also initiated a cooperative framework with the University of San Francisco.

Upskill with SHOW at The Academy 

 The Academy is ERTICO’s exclusive training platform that offers dedicated courses by experienced ERTICO experts and Partners. The program offers a wide range of courses on various topics related to mobility and transport. The SHOW project, in close collaboration with the Academy, has launched an online course for the interconnection of autonomous mobility ecosystems to help professionals upskill and stay current on the latest advancements.This training will provide an understanding of the actors and technologies involved in the deployment of automated vehicles within the public transport industry.

As one of the largest pilot projects on automated urban mobility, SHOW is accelerating the deployment of shared, connected and electrified automation in urban transport. With the two-hour online course ‘Interconnecting the Autonomous Mobility Ecosystem, the project partners have put forward a comprehensive information package on the ecosystem, covering the interconnection between actors, and novel technologies involved in the project. 

Broadening CCAM expertise outside of Europe

The SHOW project puts great emphasis on collaboration at every level. With a consortium of 70 partners consisting of public and private entities from different European regions and countries, the project showcases its ability to work together effectively. This collaborative spirit extends beyond the partnership as the project engages in several joint initiatives on the global stage. 

Their latest milestone is the recently-begun cooperation with the University of San Francisco (USF). Both parties will enhance their research efforts to ensure that automated mobility brings the best results. 

This exchange of knowledge has already had a significantly positive result. On 13 March, SHOW and the USF organised an Ideathon workshop, where students explored ways of providing the best possible CCAM services in scenarios like rural environments or tourism. 

Follow SHOW’s latest initiatives and activities. Visit the project website: www.show-project.eu

SHOW has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875530.