The City of Koprivnica last week launched Croatia’s first public electric car charging network and municipal e-car sharing system. The charging stations, installed by the national electricity company, HEP, will be used by the municipality’s clean car fleet and by electric buses that are planned to be introduced to the public transport system next year.
The car sharing system will be used by 200 employees the city administration, municipal enterprises and institutions. The city hopes that the system will reduce its fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions by 27 per cent and its operating costs by 24 per cent.
Officials will closely monitor the system to see if it hits its targets. The Mayor of Koprivnica, Vesna Zeljeznjak, stressed the importance of electromobility in the city’s sustainable energy and environmental policies. Koprivnica is committed to meeting European objectives expressed in the EU 2020 strategy.
Original author: Maija Rusanen