Authorities in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship have announced a new integrated transport system allowing travellers to navigate the region with one combined transport ticket.
The new system is set to begin operation in the second half of 2015. Initially Kraków, Tarnów and Bochnia will be connected, with the goal of further expansion in coming years. In the integrated system, the purchase of a single card will allow travellers to access different forms of public transport, including park-and-ride initiatives. In the near future, the card is also set to include access to museums.
The new regional travel card will be designed around the current systems of Kraków and Tarnów, and can be paperless with the aid of a smart phone app.
‘The regional government attaches great importance to this project as it is the key element in integrating public transport in the region,’ said Marek Sowa, Marshal of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. He also stated that residents and visitors in the region want public transport that is integrated, fast, comfortable, reliable and connected with park-and-ride sites.
Approximately 18.5m zł (€ 4.32m) has been allocated towards the project, with 85 per cent of funding provided by the European Union. 
Original author: Alexia