Lisbon 27th February 2013 The Portuguese Government through the Ministry of Economy and Employment and the Japanese Organization NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) established a partnership covering a wide range of initiatives in the field of sustainable technology and innovation.
In addition the city of Lisbon was selected as the target city to implement a smart community program.
The first developments identified areas of interest and potential projects that contribute for the high level objective of generating new technologies and innovations. At present the focus of this program is based on two main key areas as pillars for this smart community: mobility/ smart transportation and energy management systems/ energy saving technologies.
Regarding “smart mobility” the aim of Lisbon Municipality is to generate inclusive and integrated systems for mobility management building on existing technologies and systems through the technology driven partnerships provided by Portuguese and Japanese stakeholders that might address an integrated mobility data platform including: real time integrated traffic and parking systems fully-integrated route guidance information systems air quality driven traffic management system and integrated mobility services payment.
At the moment the fundamental research projects are being identified. A feasibility studies will follow and it’s expected that by the middle of 2014 the technology dissemination and field projects will be in application.



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Original Publication Date: Fri 01 Mar 2013