The ITS Asia Pacific BOD Meeting was held in Kaohsiung Chinese-Taipei on 26 July 2010 in conjunction with the “Asia-Pacific Workshop on ITS/Telematics Development“ hosted by ITS Taiwan. Nine ITS-AP BOD members got together from Australia Chinese-Taipei Hong Kong India Japan Korea New Zealand Singapore and Thailand to have intensive discussions.

The AP-BOD was based on the continuous activities such as the cooperation of the ITS Asia Pacific promoting organisations introduced on the news released in November 2009.

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The BOD members of ITS-AP discussed enhancing the current framework and structure in order to strengthen the ITS AP organisations and made a consensus for the basic scheme of the World Congress BOD structure in the AP region. In addition to this ITS Japan proposed the first draft version of the new AP MOU on behalf of the AP secretariat which will be signed by the 14 members during the Busan World Congress on ITS in October 2010. 

After the ITS-AP BOD meeting the members were welcomed to the “Asia Pacific Workshop on ITS/Telematics Development and the 12th Anniversary of ITS Taiwan” and introduced the current ITS status in the major AP countries. The host area also introduced its ITS/Telematics activities and many young audience members from various engineering fields actively joined Q&A.

ITS-AP BOD members also had a chance to make a courtesy visit to Ms. Chu Chen the Mayor of Kaohsiung on the same day. In the short meeting at the city hall she promised the further promotion of ITS in Kaohsiung city and requested the strong support for the AP Forum 2011 the city is going to host in June 2011.

On the next day the members experienced a technical visit to the Traffic Control Centre of Transportation Bureau and the city’s public transport system such as the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit system and Kaohsiung Solar-Powered Sightseeing Boat. The AP Forum 2011 Kaohsiung is going be held on 8-10 June 2011.

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Original Publication Date: Tue 05 Oct 2010