The Portuguese capital of Lisbon is to increase its network of bicycle paths to accommodate the growing number of people cycling for transport and leisure.

There are currently 60 kilometres of bike paths in Lisbon, and by next summer the municipality expects the cycling network to have doubled in size.

Lusa João Camolas, a spokesperson for the municipality, said that more people are opting for cycling, as it is more practical, environmentally better, faster, and cheaper.

He added that the goal is also to develop other types of cycling solutions around the city, and that creating more cycling infrastructure will boost the number of users.

The president of the Portuguese Federation of Cycle Tourism and Bicycle Users, José Manuel Caetano, believes that the expanded network will make the city more friendly and accessible for tourists.

‘More and more people come to Lisbon to ask where they can find bicycles to rent. In the past, it did not happen and only shows that the market is growing.’