4 November 2013

The (LowCVP) Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership has launched a new study to seek the opinion of the bus industry about its low carbon future.

Both (TTR) Transport and Travel Research and (TRL) Transport Research Laboratory are taking part in running the consultation.

Feedback is required from bus operators, vehicle suppliers and the technology support industries, in order to build up a picture of the potential barriers standing in the way of the further rollout of low carbon buses in the UK.

Tom Parker, TTR’s Energy and Environment Divisional Manager, said he wants to hear about the past experiences of those in the industry, their views on the best technology options available and how support can be provided to ensure they are implemented.

The launch of the consultation comes just days after the government made more funding available for five local authorities looking to improve the low carbon buses running on their streets.

Individuals and companies involved in the industry that want to take part in the study or webinars related to it can contact Tom Parker, TTR’s Energy and Environment Divisional Manager, on 0117 9070088 or email

It is hoped the recommendations from the report will be used to inform policy on low carbon buses and suggest actions that could be taken by government and other stakeholder groups in the industry.