A study on attitudes to electric vehicles has shown that many Germans believe the cars are unattractive and unappealing to drive.
According to the 2015 Continental Mobility Study, 72 per cent of participants recognised that electric vehicles were environmentally friendly, while 67 per cent regarded them as sensible.
However, only 26 per cent believed electric vehicles were pleasurable to drive, 26 per cent thought they had attractive designs and 23 per cent described them as sporty.
In 2011, 47 per cent of those surveyed aged 16–30, and 46 per cent aged 31–59 saw themselves purchasing a fully electric vehicle over the following four to ten years. Today only 34 and 35 per cent, respectively, felt the same way.
Continental executive board member José Avila said that, following several booming years, the pure electric car was facing image problems. However, he believes that hybrid vehicles can create acceptance among sceptical drivers.
‘Drivers have the possibility to travel stretches of road in hybrid vehicles using only electric power and experience first-hand how much fun they are to drive,’ he said. 
Original author: Alexia
Photo by Brian Snelson