Trust is a one of the most crucial elements for building a digital economy and facilitating the evolution of new mobility systems, as a seamless and committed collaboration among the whole sector is needed to produce compelling services. Trust is of particular importance within the MaaS ecosystem as all actors are both partners and competitors. To work, all organisations, whether public or private, must get something in return for their collaboration and investments. Establishing business models, incentives, and liabilities that work for everyone is essential to providing a premium service to the end-users. In MaaS’ current development phase, we need common instruments for building trust in the ecosystem, setting a clear framework for facilitating the development of the sector, and creating a predictable environment for both public and private sector investments.

In this context, the MaaS Alliance, hosted by ERTICO, is working to establish the foundations for building a common approach to MaaS and to unlocking the economies of scale needed to support the successful implementation and uptake of MaaS globally. By facilitating open and trusted knowledge sharing within the industry, the MaaS Alliance has gained significant new insights and ideas for developing user-centric, societally sound MaaS services, all of which are documented in this newly published MaaS Market Playbook. This publication describes the building blocks of a well-functioning MaaS market and also provides suggestions on how to support the development and scalability of services and the market, facilitate and frame the Public-Private-People-Partnerships, and build trust within the ecosystem.

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