MaaS Alliance partnered with the 2nd edition of Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Summit held in Paris last week. MaaS Alliance President Mr Jacob Bangsgaard attended the roundtable discussion on Mobility as a Service on Thursday, 21st October, together with Nathalie Rodriguez (Hamburger Hochbahn, MaaS Alliance member), Delphine Asseraf (Allianz France) and Johan Herrlin (Ito World). The discussion was moderated by Mrs Isadora Verderesi, chairwoman of MaaS Global (MaaS Alliance member).

The roundtable discussions underlined the role of MaaS solutions in new mobility schemes. Among other topics, the panelists were invited to express their views on the role of users in the MaaS ecosystem. During the discussion Mr Jacob Bangsgaard recalled what MaaS is actually about – the aim of MaaS is to offer more choices and more freedom to the end users. “Therefore”, he argued, “we should stop talking about changing the consumers’ behaviour – instead we should steer the development from the supply side by creating attractive but sustainable options. If we focus on creating something which restricts the consumers’ freedom of choice, I can tell you, it won’t be  the winning solution. Consumers are getting used to customised solutions serving their daily needs and they are waiting for new offers, also from the mobility sector. We need stronger partnerships to fulfil the expectations. This is exactly what we work to develop through the MaaS Alliance.”

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