More than 70 participants attended the AEOLIX TestFest on 18 October 2017 at the Connekt premises in Delft, the Netherlands.

AEOLIX TestFest was organised with the objective to demonstrate supply chain end- to-end visibility using the first version of the AEOLIX platform V1.0, and in particular to test and connect to the AEOLIX platform components (Connectivity Engine, Dashboard, Toolkit), show the interoperability between the Living Labs and measure impacts of CO2 footprint using the AEOLIX platform.

The event kicked off with the short speech by the European Commission and was pleased to see participation of important external stakeholders such as GS1, European Shippers Council and the Port of Antwerp. The TestFest was organised around rotating sessions each showcasing one of the three AEOLIX technical components presented by AEOLIX partners.

The first track, presented by PTV Group,  showed the estimated time of arrival (ETA) integration in the AEOLIX toolkit services (including trip creation, subscription to trip, sending position data, ETA calculation and options for ETA propagation) while T-Systems demonstrated how to measure CO2 footprint using the AEOLIX platform which has shown to be an interesting future service for the toolkit.

The AEOLIX Dashboard was demonstrated during the second track with presentations by Mondelez, Unilever and TX Logistics. The AEOLIX Dashboard is the supply chain end-to-end visibility platform used in the living labs of Mondelez in Slovakia, Unilever in Northampton and Logistics Hub Hamburg-Frankfurt. The dashboard showed functionality across all three living labs and demonstrated significant economic gains possibilities.

Third track focused on testing the AEOLIX  Connectivity Engine in the cases of the Port  of Trieste and Port of Bordeaux living labs and demonstrated the interoperability between these two ports and how they can share and exchange data. In particular, the use of the Connectivity Engine for management of data feeds (ship information) across ports was demonstrated as well as how to use ETA service and data feeds through the AEOLIX Connectivity Engine with integration in several logistics platforms. DATEX II (road events, dangerous goods) data model was also tested in the framework of AEOLIX.

The TestFest was particularly useful and interesting for shippers, ports, it service providers, logistics service providers, fleet operators and transport companies. The participants had very positive feedback on the TestFest and in particular appreciated the practical examples and the discussions from the sector. The three tracks have demonstrated very relevant to the Living Labs and huge savings potential were made clear.

The next AEOLIX platform V1.1 TestFest is planned for March 2018. Should you be interested in testing your services through the AEOLIX platform please contact Eusebiu Catana at e.catana@mail.ertico.com.

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