As part of the working group ‘Users & Rules’, the MaaS Alliance regularly looks at the different requirements and challenges of various user groups within the MaaS ecosystem. In this recent webinar ‘MaaS and Young People’, four experts talk about how the so-called Generation Z consumes mobility and how we can make sure MaaS remains an attractive model for them.

Some of the highlights of the discussion include:

  1. Even though young people have unique needs and are frequent transport users, they are not consulted about relevant topics
  2. MaaS offers a flexibility that even a good public transport system cannot offer and is therefore well suited to cater for younger audiences
  3. Young people want the camaraderie of travelling together. And they need the safety group travel with peers provides as well
  4. Young people see not having to rely on car travel as an attractive benefit, so MaaS can create a competitive advantage
  5. Habits of young people are very different than of the older generations but they are stuck in transport system of their parents
  6. Trustworthy brands are important for young people, as is sustainable travel
  7. Incentivising behaviour change through loyalty programs and rewards – a more playful MaaS world – could work well with young people

You can listen to the full webinar recording here


Below you can find specific research and findings quoted in the webinar:

Children, Young people and Mobility as a Service: Opportunities and barriers for future mobility
Young people locked out of changes to their neighbourhood
Young voters are increasingly concerned with climate change
Millennials on the move