More than a half of the global population lives in cities. Congestion is the number one urban issue, as shown in a recent EU study on transport. Sure, when innovators like Uber enter a city, they do decrease congestion within the first six months. But then, the congestion drop stops. More than 276,000 people have recently pre-ordered Tesla’s new Model 3; its sales are expected to go as high as 500,000, even before the car is fully revealed. People just seem keen to own private cars, especially if they come with a sustainability stamp.

So then, how do we combat urban congestion? Why isn’t our streamlined, digitally driven, efficient, fully sustainable Mobility system already a reality? Join the two-day Mobility Business Hackathon organised by MaaS Alliance member Comtrade and help unlock the Smart Mobility riddle and envisage the full-blown possibilities that businesses, cities and innovators could unlock, thanks to digital technology.

When: 9-11 June 2017
Where: Berlin, Germany

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