The 6th MaaS Summit was virtually held on 29 September as a part of the Urban Mobility Days 2020 event with the participation of nearly 100 mobility leaders. The Summit, jointly organised by the MaaS Alliance, the European Commission and the Finnish Ministry Transport and Communication, brought together bright minds and fresh ideas and inputs to policy and regulatory framework relevant for Mobility as a Service.

With the inevitable ongoing impact of the COVID19 pandemic and in the context of the upcoming regulatory initiatives by the European Commission, the Summit explored the policy schemes linked to the Green Deal creating benefits for people, societies and planet and improving the resilience of the transport and mobility system. The discussion touched on revisions of the ITS Directive, the Directive for Alternative Fuels Infrastructure, the TEN-T regulation and the Urban Mobility Package.

The Summit was opened by Adina Valean, Commissioner for Transport and Mobility, who acknowledged the vast impact of the ongoing pandemic on transport and mobility, but also highlighted it as an opportunity to better reshape the transport sector and to bring a large contribution to overall economic recovery.

Timo Harakka, Transport Finnish Minister of Finland, shared Finland’s experiences with the MaaS developments, highlighting the importance of data accessibility and sharing, which calls for determining minimum requirements for ticketing interoperability.

Jacob Bangsgaard, ERTICO CEO and the President of the MaaS Alliance presented the efforts of the organisation in enabling an open ecosystem for MaaS, and the concrete actions needed to create a fair competition market, including access to sale and resale of ticketing; facilitating availability of data; creating incentives for data sharing; and supporting sustainable mobility with incentives. “This is an evolution, not a revolution; we need to focus more on common nominators, collaboration and complementarity, and less on confrontations” said Jacob Bangsgaard.

The Summit followed on with four panels focusing each on MaaS and infrastructure policies and MaaS and data.

The full report of the 6th MaaS Summit is available here.