Madrid City Council’s Board of Governors earlier this month approved a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) to reduce traffic and improve air quality in the Spanish capital.
The SUMP suggests 95 specific measures oriented to reach (by 2020) close to a six per cent reduction of traffic in the city in favour of pedestrian mobility, bicycle use and public transport.
Madrid estimates that implementing the measures will result in 3.2 million fewer kilometres being travelled by car per day, which corresponds to a reduction of 135 000 tons of CO2, 400 tons of NOx and 26 tons of PM2.5.
The SUMP also considered a number of comments from citizens following a period of public consultation, which ended in August. Over 180 individual comments were received, 24 of which were incorporated into the final document.
The amendments include a mechanism that monitors the city’s modal split. If by 2017 impact indicators show that at least 25 per cent of the final goals have not been met, it will be necessary to modify, enhance or expand the measures of the plan. 
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