When: 26 – 27 May 2011

Where: Shanghai China

Traffic congestion and transport safety have become dominant concerns for many countries. The former causes both time waste and pollution increase. In China the average running speed of an automobile falls under 20km/h and on some roads less than 7-8km/h. At present low vehicle speed and numerous emissions are significant causes for a deteriorating air quality combined with huge economic losses. Therefore a scientific up-to-date safe and efficient management of traffic and the transport industry being one of the basic industries in a national economic construction is a goal that requires comprehensive treatment in terms of solving persisting traffic problems.

Currently traditional traffic technology and methods no longer satisfy the requirements for social economic development in a world defined by globalisation and continuous information input. This ultimately leads to viewing Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as a primary choice in helping achieve the desired transformation in the context of the transport industry. Governments across the world have each emphasised their country’s research and construction of ITS in favour of maximising the utilisation ratio of existing resources.

In the context of this macroscopic industrial development HNZ Industry Media Group together with China ITS will host the World ITS Summit: China 2011 to take place in Shanghai in May 2011. The summit will take on the theme of ‘ITS to guide the upcoming city easy life’ and will gather the leaders and experts from governments public and private associations and enterprises to introduce the updated policy and investment hot points in the ITS field. The Summit with furthermore focus on the latest developments technical achievements and rates of success and will look forward to the future of ITS. On behalf of the committee of the World ITS Summit: China 2011 you are warmly invited to participate.



  1. Profound exploitation of the ITS industry to share the latest industry updates
  2. Ongoing steady accumulation to network industrial authoritative persons
  3. Platform to exchange the latest technologies
  4. Hot spot of investment and financing to directly affect the purchase information of projects
  5. Industrial gala to build a best platform for tech exchange and people network


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Tina Zhou – Event Director James Zhang – Sales Manager Cici Cao – Marketing Manager


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Original Publication Date: Wed 23 Mar 2011