The transport regulatory authority of Malta is extending and improving a grant scheme for the purchase of electric vehicles (EVs).

Transport Malta, in conjunction with the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, previously provided the grant only to individuals.

The new changes announced last month mean that the grant is now also available to registered NGOs and businesses.

A grant of €7 000 will be provided for registering a new EV (or a hybrid capable of travelling at least 80 km on electricity alone) and scrapping an older vehicle which is at least 10 years old.

The grant will drop to €4 000 for registering a used EV which has never been registered in Malta, or for purchasing a new EV without having a car to scrap in exchange.

This scheme is aimed at reducing the number of old cars on the road while promoting the use of clean and energy-efficient vehicles to cut pollution and improve air quality in Malta. The Maltese government will reportedly launch other initiatives in the coming weeks to assist new EV importers to invest in the technology and re-train staff, and encourage private companies to install EV charging facilities.