Innovate UK is shortly to open a £700K competition to support development of products and services that exploit “integrated systems” to deliver new solutions to improve the performance of cities.

This could include converting open, publicily available transport data, into consumer friendly displays of the data for mobile apps or other devices.

Integrated and open data platforms are being developed for cities around the world. The challenge is to develop high value products and services from these platforms to enable more effective solutions for mobility, energy management, housing, resilience, employment and other challenges.

A briefing on the scope of the competition will take place on the 1 December at The Landing in Manchester to:

To obtain an overview from industry on the data landscape, current data use in integrated city systems and who should be using it but isn’t;To tap into urban living products and services innovation drivers in order to discuss emerging developments in integrating city management systems;To anticipate the kind of data that might lead to the development of new products and services;To brief the audience on InnovateUK interests in this area and current thinking for competition investment;To help ensure the community becomes “competition ready”.

Who should attend

Data generators and holders of city integrated systems (Local Authorities);Urban product and services developers and utilisers of data;Developers of new online tools (Apps) that leverages integrated systems data sets;App developers;Integrated city management platforms providers;Research centres in urban living and urban data utilisation.

Programme and registration

Details of the programme will be announced shortly, but the event will start at 9:30 with intent to complete the day by 3:45pm.

Please visit the registration page to save a seat at the Manchester event.