The Final Round of the Scania Young European Truck Driver (YETD) Competition 2015 saw the victory of Mr Lars Søndergård from Denmark. Mr Sondergård, whose company is a member of the IRU’s own Danish Transport and Logistics Association (DTL), took first place over 25 other talented young professional drivers. Mr Patrick Schildmann from Germany came in at second place with third place going to Mr Thomas Knüsel of Switzerland. The YETD Competition, the largest and most demanding truck driver competition in the world, brought together over 23,000 drivers who competed in national rounds around Europe before reaching the Final in Sweden.

Scania’s YETD clearly highlights that trained drivers stand better chances of avoiding accidents while also lowering fuel consumption, emissions, as well as repair and maintenance costs. Having such trained professionals on the road is the aim of the IRU Academy, which provides harmonised high quality training programmes and international recognition to professional drivers.

Original source: IRU