Located at the heart of the UK’s automotive sector, MIRA Technology Park offers all automotive businesses the chance to conduct all aspects of research, product development, validation and certification at the centre of an international automotive R&D cluster.

Since 2010, MIRA Technology Park has welcomed over 35 globally-recognised businesses to the site. It has also become one of the UK’s top performing Enterprise Zones and is rapidly gaining recognition as a premier location in Europe for automotive research and development.

This month, ClearMotion, a global automotive technology company commercialising the world’s first proactive ride system, is conducting its testing at MIRA Technology Park, using the facility’s skills, test, and development infrastructure to better access and expand its EU customer base.

“As a lead innovator, we constantly look for ways to challenge ourselves and push the boundaries of what our technology can do. MIRA Technology Park gives us a world class place to do just that. Its extensive test facilities will be an important piece of the puzzle to building an unrivaled product for automakers.”, said Shakeel Avadhany, CEO and co-founder of ClearMotion.

The technology park continues to expand, with the MIRA Technology Institute set to open later in 2018, which will help to create specialist skills in some of the new disruptive technology areas such as electrification and driverless car technologies.

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