MODALES is launching its Low-Emission Driving Awareness Campaign to help realise its vision of a major reduction in air pollution from all types of road vehicles by encouraging adoption of low-emission driving behaviour and proper maintenance choice.

The campaign will be available in eleven languages and will provide useful tips, which are aimed at car drivers, especially petrol and diesel cars. The tips were developed from research work carried out in the project specifically from the report D5.1: Guidelines for low-emission driving and are divided into three categories: tips to follow before driving, while driving and recommendations on car maintenance.

“MODALES has developed and is testing a low-emission driving app, training, and has also researched other technical solutions, but a major part of any effort to reduce emissions from existing vehicles is to increase awareness among drivers. This is why MODALES is combining softer measures such as this public campaign to encourage small behaviour shifts by drivers, alongside the technical and legal recommendations coming from the project” says the Project Coordinator Andrew Winder from ERTICO.

The campaign will be led by MODALES consortium member FIA, with the active participation of ERTICO and other project partners; different national automobile clubs in Europe will support the campaign by disseminating it on their social media.

MODALES partners expect and hope that this campaign will encourage drivers – especially of older vehicles – to take simple steps to reduce their emissions and improve air quality, particularly in urban areas.

You can check out the low-emission driving tips or download them in different languages here.

MODALES project is co-funded by the EU’s H2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 815189.