SWARCO TRAFFIC AMERICAS will premiere a new parking guidance technology, never before seen in the United States, at Monarch Casino Black Hawk in Black Hawk, Colorado. Monarch is in the process of building a 10 level parking garage to accompany its new 335-foot hotel tower. The casino designed the parking structure to visually match the eye catching and modern aesthetic quality of the new hotel, which will house luxurious accommodations, a world-class spa, fun restaurants and bars, as well as 7,500 square feet of banquet/convention facilities. Since these world-class additions will attract significant visitors, an innovative approach to parking was deemed critical. After an extensive evaluation process, Monarch selected SWARCO to provide a state of the art parking guidance system designed specifically for their new facility.

SWARCO’s system for Monarch will involve a combination of single space monitoring as well as indoor and outdoor garage variable message signage. Each individual space will be monitored by a state of the art ultrasonic sensor to detect vehicles as they park. These sensors will report occupancy to LED parking space availability indicator lights, causing them to illuminate green when spaces are vacant. The space counts collected from these sensors will report level availability to drivers approaching and inside the garage. This system starts guiding drivers to an individual space well before they enter the garage. This effectively cuts search times by 50 percent or more and significantly reduces carbon emissions.

Installed during construction for the new garage, 1265 sensors will be embedded in the ceiling above each parking space concealing all cabling and conduit. This embedded sensor design is the first of its kind in America as well as the slimmest and most low key on the market today. In fact, the sensor is so small, drivers probably won’t even notice them. However, they will notice SWARCO’s LED parking space availability indicator lights because of their 360° viewing angle and innovative RGB multicolor LEDs. Monarch plans to employ unique colors for each category of parking spaces (e.g. electric vehicle charging, VIP, valet, ADA/handicapped spaces, etc.). With SWARCO’s RGB multicolor LEDs you simply click your mouse to change the color and category of the space.

Monarch Casino Black Hawk picked SWARCO TRAFFIC AMERICAS as their parking guidance vendor of choice because of its elegant design solution, ease of maintenance as well as installation, and global reputation for proven dependable products. The new parking guidance system guarantees quick, easy, and stress-free parking and will definitely enhance the welcome experience and overall customer service satisfaction for the guests. SWARCO is excited to premiere its state of the art parking guidance system at Monarch Casino Black Hawk in 2015.