To accelerate smart and sustainable urbanisation through cooperation and technology, Monotch will facilitate unlocking mobility data from the Dutch Urban Data Access Platform (UDAP) by expanding the system with TLEX Interchange. This interface fits perfectly with use cases regarding urban mobility.

Based on the successful implementation of TLEX Interchange with the Flemish and NordicWay C-ITS platforms, Monotch is certain that the expansion of the current UDAP platform will benefit the DMI-ecosystem of smart and sustainable cities and partners from the international business community.

TLEX Interchange is based on standards as set by the European standardisation initiative C-Roads, focussed on unlocking (meta)data in a federal network.

Adding TLEX interchange to the existing Dutch platform will benefit mobility in urban areas. When using and adapting the current Urban Data Access Platform (UDAP), it offers the possibility of:

  • accessing and offering data on (among other things) a geographical basis;
  • maintaining a sensor register and making sensor data accessible;
  • facilitating intelligent access to urban environments and enforcement thereof;
  • monitoring and analysing traffic flows.

This makes new solutions and modules possible for mobility innovation and smart, sustainable urbanisation.

The Dutch Metropolitan Innovations (DMI) ecosystem wants to accelerate smart and sustainable urbanization and mobility innovation. It provides the domains of mobility, public space and housing with new instruments from the digital world.

The DMI ecosystem works as a platform on which everything is connected. DMI brings together technology, policy, people and investments, all related to the physical domain. It allows companies to develop smart and scalable solutions and implement these more quickly and on a wider scale.

Monotch is committed to making an active contribution to the DMI-ecosystem for the benefit of cities, now and in the future.

Source: Dutch Metropolitan Innovation (DMI) order for Monotch – Monotch