ERTICO is delighted to announce that Multitel, a research and innovation centre based in Belgium, has joined its Partnership. This new collaboration opens ERTICO’s network to another important player in the Research sector. Multitel offers companies and develops new technological concepts in Signal and Embedded Systems, Network Engineering, Applied Photonics, Computer Vision, Railway Certification.

‘I am delighted to welcome our new member Multitel to ERTICO’s Partnership. With Multitel’s research and technological innovation expertise, ERTICO is looking forward to collaborating in research projects to advance technological solutions in the ITS sector. Together with our Partners, we lead the digitalisation of transport with cutting-edge technologies, services and mobility solutions. Multitel will play a key role in supporting these activities, and we are proud to team up with them for this journey,’ – says Jacob Bangsgaard, ERTICO CEO.

The research centre Multitel was created in 1995 by the Engineering Faculty of the University of Mons. Guided by its will to diversify its activities, since 2008, Multitel has progressively played an important role in the railway field and has become an independent accredited laboratory for ERTMS tests and certifications.

Aiming at pursuing its growth and offering more services to SMEs, Multitel opened a new operating site in Tournai in March 2013. Since 2016, Multitel has been active in the EuraTechologies ecosystem in Lille (France). Multitel is also located in Charleroi, becoming a member of A6K, a shared multidisciplinary centre dedicated to engineering sciences.

‘Multitel is happy to join ERTICO, an international ecosystem that boosts research and development of solutions in ITS. Multitel seeks to join ITS projects and it can contribute with its experience in a number of transport-related projects, and with its competencies in cryptography, test automation, multimodal logistics. Multitel has several long-term partners with common projects in the domain of railway, transport, mobility, IWT-oriented logistics and digital security. As a consequence, an ITS pilot site is being put in place in Belgium, in order to facilitate the development, testing and demonstration of such technologies in partnership with a number of big companies (manufacturers of the railway and automotive vehicles). Based on its experience of Railway Certification accredited Laboratory, Multitel aims at becoming a major player in testing and certification of 5G as we are setting up an anechoic chamber that could be 5G-compliant’.

The mission of Multitel consists, as a priority, in helping Walloon companies integrate new technologies effectively in their products, processes and services to improve their competitiveness and reach sustainable economic prosperity.

Furthermore, with the passing years, Multitel has developed and integrated emerging technologies into the industrial fabric at the regional and international levels to help companies take up technological challenges.

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