The Germany city of Munich has approved plans to implement a bike-sharing system, which will see 1 200 rental bikes made available across 125 locations from mid-2015 onwards.

In approving the proposal, Mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter said: ‘[These bicycles] are not only a wonderful addition to the public transport system, but will help to improve mobility in our city, and above all improve quality of life. [It is] an investment that pays off.’

The 1 200 bicycles will have a ‘high quality’ design that will be able to withstand vigorous wear and tear. They will be unisex in appearance, with an easily adjustable saddle, eight gears, and space for transporting luggage. Docking stations for the bicycles will be primarily positioned near tram stops and metro stations.

To avail of the scheme, customers will be asked to register themselves online; once this step is complete, bicycles can be rented via internet, phone or through a new app. Cyclists will be able to pay by the minute, with a special reduced fee for those who take an annual subscription. The pricing will also be combined with other mobility services, enhancing the affordability and attractiveness of public transport in the city.

‘Without public transport, Munich cannot work,’ said Deputy Mayor of Munich Josef Schmid. ‘[The bike-sharing scheme] is another milestone in our drive towards increasing the use of city-friendly mobility options.’

Original author: Alexia