Denmark has become the first country in the world to use GPS probe data across its road network to monitor traffic and congestion nationwide.

With the new system, the Danish Road Directorate will be able to measure traffic flow across Denmark’s roads more effectively than ever before.

The agency’s director of traffic management Charlotte Vithen said: ‘By […] deploying this technology across our entire road network, we will be able to detect extraordinary traffic queues quicker, issue earlier warnings of congestion and improve the way we manage road incidents to achieve a smoother flow of traffic across Denmark.
‘ Real-time traffic data is collected from private and commercial vehicles via on-board devices, allowing the agency to get an overview of the traffic situation across the country with constant updates. Drivers can then be provided with accurate information that reflects the current situation.
The Danish Road Directorate has responsibility for constructing and maintaining 4 000 km of roads. Although this represents only five per cent of all Danish roads, it includes the busiest routes and caters for up to 45 per cent of Denmark’s road traffic.