Do you already have plans for summer? Maybe, you will spend some time at your favourite seaside location? Or in the mountains? Wherever you will be, ERTICO’s ACADEMY offers you a unique opportunity to keep your brain fit while your body relaxes!

The ERTICO Academy is THE mobility training platform: it offers training in smart mobility on a wide range of topics. Our selected experts come from different fields in the mobility sector and have prepared for you engaging and state-of-the-art training on key mobility topics, such as Traffic Management Centre (TMC) and roadside technologies for ITS, financial incentives and business models for C-ITS deployment, information security and data protection, and many more!

All our training and webinars are available online 24/7 and free of charge, so whether you have a one-hour post-lunch slot or a 20 minutes’ break between your surf lessons, you will always find the right training that can help you nourish your passion for mobility!

What are you waiting for? Check out our course selection on the EU funded project CAPITAL website, where you will be able to register (for free!) and start learning immediately!

We offer a wide array of modules, so you can cherry-pick what’s most interesting for you! Our current course selection offers:

  • ITS1: Introduction to ITS and C-ITS
  • ITS2: ITS and C-ITS user services
  • ITS3: TMC and roadside technologies for ITS
  • ITS4: Standards, architectures and communication technologies for ITS and C-ITS
  • ITS5: Impact assessment of ITS and C-ITS systems
  • ITS6: Financial incentives and business and procurement models for C-ITS deployment
  • ITS7: Cost-benefit analyses of ITS services
  • ITS8: Guidance in deploying ITS and C-ITS
  • ITS9: Information security, data protection and privacy
  • SPICE: Public procurement of Innovation in Transport

Next to our courses, ERTICO’s Academy offers you also spot-on webinars that you can watch directly on our Youtube channel!

Do we really need to give you an extra reason to start training now?  What about, getting your mobility-smart shaped-up and ready for our NEW training that will come out after summer? Stay tuned for more!