A new citizen-inspired website is providing an online platform where cyclists in Freiburg can report problems with cycling infrastructure and access information on cycling safety.

‘Besser unterwegs in Freiburg’ (Better journeys in Freiburg) allows users to upload photographs of cycling and walking hazards, link them to points on a map and write comments.

According to the site, there are approximately 500 accidents each year in Freiburg that involve cyclists. The goal is to improve the safety of cycling and walking and contribute positively to the quality of life in the south-western German city.

‘There are areas in the city where there are risks for cyclists and pedestrians,’ says local cyclist Stephan Koehler. ‘This platform is a great way for us to help the council identify these problems and come up with ways to tackle them.’

The platform is endorsed by Greenpeace Freiburg and Climate Alliance Freiburg and has already seen hundreds of contributions from Freiburg’s residents.

All entries will be collected, analysed and presented to the Frieburg city council in mid-January, Besser unterwegs in Freiburg expects the council to publish responses to each entry. 


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