In early December a new parking guidance system was put in operation in the town of Zug in Central Switzerland.

16 multi-storey car parks with a total of 2,500 parking spaces are connected to the parking guidance system. 29 dynamic signs inform drivers in the vicinity of the parking facilities and at the city entries about the currently available spaces. In addition 18 static direction signs were installed. As general contractor SWARCO Traffic Switzerland GmbH was responsible for the execution of the project. The technical realization was carried out with the long-standing know-how of the Business Unit Parking/E-mobility of SWARCO Traffic Systems Gaggenau.

Regierungsrat Heinz Tännler, Head of the Construction Department, is pleased about “the elegant solution, which has already proven successful in other cities and which will minimize the search traffic in Zug.” “Not only the drivers will benefit from faster travel times and reduced search traffic, but all citizens,” adds Councillor Andreas Bossard.

The parking guidance system was financed by the operators – municipality, Canton and three private operators – with support from the federal government.

On the occupancy of the car parks can be viewed online.


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