Bosch is a founding member of the EAVP platform, which seeks to create a collaborative ecosystem to advance seamless Automated Valet Parking (AVP) in Europe. For the significant strides it has made in developing vehicle technologies for AVP, Bosch has been awarded by the Automobilclub KRAFTFAHRER-SCHUTZ e.V. (KS).

The Automobilclub KRAFTFAHRER-SCHUTZ e.V. (KS) is Germany’s third-largest automobile club. Every year, it celebrates the KS Energy and Environment Prize awards, recognising innovation in the field of sustainable mobility. Bosch received the award in the Mobility Systems category for its advanced AVP technologies. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) sponsored the ceremony.

Bosch AVP technology has received official approval for operation in Germany. This milestone makes it the world’s first SAE Level 4 automated parking function to be officially approved for commercial use. Level 4 is categorised by SAE as High Driving Automation, the maximum level of commercially available vehicles today. It indicates that the vehicles can perform all driving tasks under most conditions without any human intervention.

Boch at the 41st KS Energy and Environment Prize 2023 

This achievement by Bosch has a notable impact on the mobility transition. AVP contributes to about 20% of parking space optimisation, reduces parking-search traffic and supports the trend towards Mobility Hubs, which favour smart and connected mobility.

Parking is a highlighted use case for ERTICO. In 2022, it launched the EAVP platform for the advancement and standardisation of AVP in Europe, bringing together relevant stakeholders to build a hands-on collaboration. Bosch is one of EAVP’s founding members, along with

European Parking Association, BMW, Toyota, Faurecia and Kopernikus Automotive. Honda, Dekra, Jaguar, and Skidata are also part of the ecosystem. The EAVP community continues to grow with the recent incorporation of CTAG and ROCSYS. Integrating all member’s experience, technologies, and advancements will propel parking to the next level.

“We acknowledge Bosch’s outstanding contributions to EAVP. As a platform’s founding member, Bosch is a crucial actor pushing the boundaries of AVP innovation. The recent recognition by the Automobilclub KRAFTFAHRER-SCHUTZ e.V. (KS) award is proof of Bosch’s commitment to excellence in sustainable mobility”, says Frank Daems, ERTICO Innovation and Deployment Senior Manager.

The award is a boost for Bosch to continue working on new services and business models that will elevate AVP even further. One of these services is the automated charging of electric vehicles. Once the car is fully charged, it will automatically be exchanged, ensuring the highest efficiency. The collaborative framework offered by EAVP enables the exchange of best practices and AVP progress to provide a seamless experience for the driver and maximise benefits for parking operators, service providers and city authorities.

Further details about the award ceremony can be found at the following link (only available in German)