Udrive has many research questions it wants to answer. Every month we will present 1 of them.  

Research Question of September 2014:

“What are the risks of different driver behaviours?”

UDRIVE Research Question area:

Research questions for crash causation and risk


This RQ will calculate the risks of different secondary tasks such as a mobile phone, interacting with a passenger, smoking, eating, etc. but also the risk of taking the eyes off the road or being drowsy.


The collected data will be screened for safety critical events (SCEs). Then the presence of each secondary task during those SCEs is determined. The number will be compared to the presence of the same tasks in the absence of SCEs (baseline). The risk will be calculated for each secondary task separately. This data will help to evaluate which secondary tasks are more dangerous than others. While a similar Research Question was investigated in the 100 car NDS study in America already, UDRIVE will generate the first NDS data for Europe.t

To be continued in October …


Original author: Maria