Last week, ERTICO’s 5G-LOGINNOV project organised an online workshop together with two other projects, Affordable5G and FUDGE-5G, with the goal of discussing and contributing to the advancement of the adoption of 5G technologies in several sectors.

The 5G expertise of the three projects is concentrated on complementary areas: 5G-LOGINNOV’s focusses primarily on the optimisation of traffic operations at ports and logistics;  Affordable5G aims to deliver a solution covering the needs of private and enterprise networks; and FUDGE-5G works on the definition of a 5G architecture for private networks allowing interoperability and customization for industry verticals. The core topic of the workshop was the implementation of 5G technologies in the different domains of reference, showcasing several use cases.

With almost 40 participants connected online, the workshop represented an opportunity for 5G experts to get together and amplify the discussion about the actual challenges in the implementation of 5G technologies.

Peter Schmitting, Interoperability and Standardisation Manager at ERTICO, hosted the meeting and moderated the panel comprising one expert from each participating project. After a brief introduction by each project leader, 5G-LOGINNOV Living Labs leaders presented the activities carried out in Athens, Koper and Hamburg highlighting the next steps required to improve the services and products they offer. Then, experts from Affordable5G and FUDGE-5G were invited to discuss their projects’ use cases in order to better understand the implications of 5G technologies in relation to the creation of solutions for private and enterprise networks.

“The workshop on Accelerating 5G Innovation in Europe with 5G-LOGINNOV, FUDGE-5G and Affordable5G showcased the multi applicability of the 5G technology. When thinking of verticals, there are some clear benefits with the implementation of 5G but there is still work to be done to further advance in this area”, stated Peter Schmitting.

These three projects are examples that technological innovations related to 5G are a promising step ahead in defining the adequate operative framework for new 6G applications for ITS development.

Watch the recording of the workshop on ERTICO-ITS Europe YouTube.

The presentations of the speakers and the agenda of the event are available in the 5G-LOGINNOV library.