The city of Torrent in Spain’s Autonomous Community of Valencia has presented its new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) to the city council and is anticipating its approval.

Torrent’s SUMP focuses mainly on reducing traffic congestion; increasing the amount of residents walking, cycling, or taking public transport; urban freight logistics; and improving access to transport for people with reduced mobility.

The SUMP makes a number of provisions in these areas. In terms of improving traffic flows, it proposes reducing speed limits in parts of Torrent’s historic centre and increasing the number of pedestrianised streets.

Enhancing cycling in the area is one of Torrent’s main aims. This includes building 14 cycling routes throughout the city and expanding the current length of cycle lanes in the city by 15 kilometres. This supports the 1 300 users of Torrent’s bike-sharing scheme as well as other local cyclists.

Other provisions of the SUMP are to install on-street charging points for electric vehicles; resurface pavements and pedestrian routes to improve safety and accessibility; and implement a smart parking system which would display available parking spaces in real-time throughout the city.

Original author: Lewis Macdonald