The EU project UrbanData2Decide develops tools to support urban decision makers. UrbanData2Decide extracts and processes information from two rich sources, namely public social media and open data libraries, and creates impactful visualisations.

This information, combined with advice from online expert panels, can support local governments towards a holistic, sustainable and well-founded decision-making process on specific urban challenges such as urban renewal, urban safety and security.

The case study conducted in the city of Malmö focuses on urban safety and security, relating to how decisions are made on a proactive and operational level.

The case study conducted in the city of Copenhagen focuses on municipal spatial planning, including information on how decisions are made for a longer period of time in collaboration with the citizens.

The case study conducted in the city of Vienna presents ten examples on how the UrbanData2Decide decision support tool could be leveraged in ongoing and future projects in Vienna.

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This project is co-funded under the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe.