26 June 2013

A roundup of European transport news.



EU reaches deal to cut automotive carbon emissions
A coalition of transport sector companies and organisations says in a new report that Europe could boost growth and create 500,000 to 1.1 million new jobs in 2030 through innovations in the auto sector. Increased technology to cut fuel consumption

EU Commissioner expects apology from Bulgaria minister
Focus News
European Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn expects an apology from Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications, Danail Papazov, for involving the European Commissioner in the Bulgarian politics, the 

Future of Rail Freight under the Microscope throughout Europe and Beyond
The Handy Shipping Guide
ROMANIA – BULGARIA –LITHUANIA – CHINA – The EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas will not have to be concerned that her workload will diminish when the Eurotunnel and DB Schenker matters covered in our story this week are resolved.

SEStran: Progress in transport development cannot wait
There is also I-transfer, which aims to increase the number of passengers commuting by water through improving water-based public transport systems in Europe’s North Sea Region, using innovative and sustainable ferry technology, improving efficiency

EUROPEAN COMMISSION : Speech: Making the most of alternative energy to
4-traders (press release)
We all know that the world’s energy landscape and balance are changing quickly. Compared with many other countries, Europe is not blessed with abundant natural resources. We are far from able to produce all the energy we need to cover demand. Judging