Flickr: patrizia tirel

Flickr: patrizia tirel

Nova Gorica is exploring how to mark safe routes to local schools with the aid of CIVITAS co-funding and universities in Italy and Slovenia.

The city is involved in a cross-border Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) with five other municipalities in Slovenia and the nearby Italian city of Gorizia. One of the aims of the SUMP is to increase the safety of children travelling to school on foot or by bicycle.

Experts from the University of Maribor will develop guidelines for high-quality safe school routes based on best practice from Slovenia and across Europe, as well as on fieldwork conducted in Nova Gorica.

The University of Perugia will demonstrate a tool they developed within CIVITAS to technical staff from Nova Gorica. This tool assesses the quality of painted road marking to reduce the need for maintenance and replacement.

Based on all this work, a comprehensive plan will be developed for Nova Gorica to mark out the safest routes to its schools. The study’s findings will also be relevant for the other six municipalities involved in the cross-border SUMP.