As part of a pilot project to reduce the environmental impact of Deutsche Post DHL Group, 30 electric delivery vehicles will go into service in Duisberg and Essen in the coming months. The vehicles will serve businesses in the region participating in the pilot, and will contribute to Deutsche Post’s aim of developing carbon-neutral delivery services across Germany.

The development and deployment of the vehicles was financed by revenues from a scheme called GoGreen Regional. This is a sister scheme to Deutsche Post’s long-running GoGreen service, which offers customers the ability to send letters and parcels and contribute to greenhouse gas reductions. GoGreen revenues were allocated to sustainable development projects in developing countries.

However, Deutsche Post is now looking to increase the funds it allocates to projects within Germany through GoGreen Regional. As well as the new electric delivery vehicles in the Ruhrgebiet, GoGreen Regional has supported the testing of emissions-free deliveries in Bonn for the past two years. Deutsche Post is seeking to launch similar pilot projects in other German regions in the near future.