The first Europe-wide inventory of ITS deployment offers new promotion channels for ITS owners and suppliers

Smart transport systems and services are transforming the mobility of people and goods across Europe and beyond. But state-of-the-art ITS deployment is far from complete and the smarter mobility market is nowhere near saturated. More and more, cities need new and innovative solutions to help them meet air quality & emissions targets. A new kind of shared knowledge resource is needed to bring together people and information about deployments, outcomes, impacts and benefits.

The ITS Observatory is an interactive information marketplace with features to help support a dynamic ITS community of public authorities, system owners and suppliers, service providers and users in order to deliver effective solutions and connections to peers.

To support ITS deployment, the ITS Observatory helps users to find and compare results of research, pilots and deployment project: the “why”, “where”, “what”, “how” and “who” of ITS.

The ITS Observatory is a self-service and social network for ITS. ITS stakeholders will be invited to publish information about their organisations, expertise, activities & solutions, deployments & experience with ITS; and projects, pilots & results. They can also show their publications or write an article.

The platform includes a feature for ITS experts will help the ITS community understand the latest technologies and market trends. Besides these ITS insights, the platform also provides latest ITS news and events.

The ITS Observatory is the place for ITS stakeholders’ smart mobility services and ITS systems; success stories and lessons’ learned. Users can leave their contact details and discuss assessment of impacts, benefits and costs with people they trust. The platform content also includes policy & legislation, and standards.

About the ITS Observatory:

The ITS Observatory is a 2-year support action ending in April 2017. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 653828.

Project consortium:

Project coordinator: ERTICO-ITS Europe
Members: Aalborg University, ACI, AustriaTech, CERTH, ICCS, Newcastle University, Catapult, Xerox and redWEB.

More information:

Twitter @its_obs

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Project Coordination: Paul Kompfner –
Project Management: Svetlana Popova  –
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